Spring seems to have finally arrived thank goodness, the grass is growing a little and the swallows are back!

Spring is HereWe’ve had lots of successes this month, Amelia has just found out that she’s passed her PTT, I’ve upgraded to List 4 judge and Matt has had his first book published. It’s on sale on Amazon and available in paperback or electronic forms. It’s called Witch Angel and Warrior King and has had some super reviews.

Clients continue to do well too! Mandy Denley and Binks had terrific scores at Hargate, 1st with 76.66% in the Preliminary 13 qualifier and another 1st in the Novice 27 (training) with 67.9%. I wish Mandy the best of luck in the Regional Dressage Championships next weekend, let’s hope the northern teams do well.

JenniferBaker with Skerne Skyvara (Hattie) at
Richmond equestrian centre on the 27th April, a very impressive 2nd with 62% in the Elementary 50 and 57% in their first ever Medium! A super result as Hattie not always the easiest of mares and needs a really sensitive and educated rider. Sunday 12th May……1st with 62% in the elementary this time it was Louis’ turn. Jennifer said he came back at her a bit in 2nd half but the Medium was much better and he got 61% with eight 7’s and also two 4’s! A really good result again for Jennifer.

Tracey, who always tells me she can’t compete, completed both of her tests. Stayed in arena even though Thyme was very spooked. They did Intro A and got 66.5% and 2nd place, with A Peel judging. Then Intro B with 66.08% and got 1st. L. Tolan judging. Tracey said she was “totally buggered but elated”. Brilliant!!!!

Chatsworth Horse Trials is on this weekend coming, I’m judging, but it’s an early start! The first horse comes down the centre line at 8am! Then in the evening we have a champagne reception hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, hopefully I’ll be able to stay awake!

The weekend of the 17th and 18th of May will be a busy one, my niece Aimee is getting married on the 17th and then on Sunday we have a Lancaster Bomber flying over the Mausoleum in Milton. This is to commemorate the death of a young 22 year old bomber pilot and the six members if the crew who were also killed, when their plane crashed on the top of the hill in the field by the Mausoleum on the 2nd of December 1943. The pilot was trying to land at Gamston in thick fog, but ran out of fuel, he’d tried to land at Ossington but over shot the runway, he then tried to get to Gamston and you know the rest.

If anyone wants to come and see the Lancaster fly past, it will be coming over the Mausoleum on the 18th of May at 11.15. Everyone is welcome; proceedings will start at 11.00 at the Mausoleum.

Finally, look out for Your Horse Magazine again this month, we’ve been working on an article which is going to print on exercises you can do with your horse both in the school and out on a hack to improve your horse’s performance.

Keep letting me have your results and successes!

Vikki x