Congratulations to Katie Mcmahon who has now passed her Level 2 – including her maths – and is now fully qualified. WELL DONE KATIE WE ALWAYS HAD FAITH IN YOU XX

Congratulations also to Sophie Miller who has passed her maths this week, welcome back Jenny Gladman, who is training for her level 3, it’s great to have you back Jenny.

A very special congratulations to Racheal Piert and Jerry. Special because one year ago Jerry was diagnosed with Bone Spavin and we thought that was going to be the last of his competition days, but Jerry has always been special (in every sense of the word!) and thanks to Racheal’s expert care, they are not only training again, but this weekend they managed to get their first elementary regional qualifying test score under their belt, with a very creditable 65.20%, well done to you Racheal and the ever so special, very spotty one!!

Also, congratulations to Racheal Butler, who qualified for the UK Rider Finals and got 7th in a massive prelim class and then 3rd in the novice. Wow! Brilliant work, well done to you.

Liz Nair had a cracking lesson with Rikki, who was on form again and Liz Burrows enjoyed a super ride on our own Peaches, who’s proving to be quite the dressage diva. Great to have you back Liz.

Penny and her own mare also called Peaches, continue to make super progress, they did their first Hunt Ride (South Notts) whilst I was away on holiday, on the whole I gather she was a star, so well done Penny. Helen Turkdogan and Leon have really made progress and I wish them every success in their next competition, watch this space, they should do well. Moira and Toots are zooming ahead and Julie and Stan are having a well-earned rest.

We welcome Melanie Shuttleworth and her family to the yard, Melanie has just places her two boys Max and George with us and we really look forward to working with them. Anji, my good friend from East Markham is bring her boy down today for Boot Camp, he’ll stay here for a couple of weeks and then back for a couple of weeks, then as and when for fine tuning!

Well done to all my clients, many of whom haven’t been mentioned, who continue to work with me and continue to do me proud with their achievements.

Happy Birthday for next weekend to Helen Turkdogan and to Kirsty Murray. Have a very happy birthday both if you and Kirsty have a great time in Corfu, I know you will, as they’re a great bunch where you’re going.