It’s been a good Christmas, although there was plenty of mucking out to be done, but it was a peaceful time spent with my family and one of the nicest ever and everyone got stuck in and helped out.

I’m loving the snow, it’s great to spend time with Joe and Winnie doing lots of walking, but it does play havoc with earning a living and I’m not looking forward to sitting on some rather naughty horses when its all cleared up on my return from South Africa!

Im really looking forward to going to SA where it’ll be the other extreme, sweaty horses, being able to ride in T shirts and complaining about the heat, tee hee!!  I’ll post lots of photos on my web site and on Facebook.

Matt has a list as long as your arm of instructions, ranging from what to do with Polly (the Parrot fish) to canary care.  I’m afraid he’s ended up with two canaries; as Elvis’ best friend Bertie is coming to stay for two weeks! He fortunately doesn’t have Mr Pickles to look after, as Emily has very kindly offered him a home. He’s now nearly doubled in size – he weighed 390 grams when we found him, he now weighs 614 grams.  he is by far the dirtiest hedgehog we’ve had so far, all I can say is its a very good job that the Sunday times comes with lots of supplements! I’ve packed his suitcase (including the Sunday times) and Emily’s dad is collecting beer boxes, which I’m sure has been a real hardship!

Harry and Pedro are both doing well, Harry continues to behave. I had a super training session with Stephen Clarke, unfortunately I had to cancel Steph as the school has been frozen.  We had a bit of a saga with poor Teddy’s rug, the delivery company brought us a 6’3 rug and with the best will in the world, it was always going to swamp him but Helen saved the day and in terrible driving conditions, managed to get one for him, so he’s nice and snug in his posh, new rug!

I hope you all bought a copy of Your Horse Magazine, the very photogenic Tom, made front cover.  I had a five page article ‘Wipe the Slate Clean’ about building strong training foundations for future success.  There were some fabulous photos of Mandy and Lindsay with their gorgeous horses, look out for future articles in the spring.

That’s all for now, hopefully my next blog will be from SA, God willing and weather permitting!  Look out for photos and the latest news……..Vikki