Like everyone else we’ve had highs and lows in 2012. It’s been a fairly peaceful year and despite a few calamities, it’s been a very successful one! Markham Sultan (Pedro) and I have had a successful year competing at Prix St George, with lots if 1sts and a nice 3rd in the recent International Premier League show. We’re hoping to progress to Grand Prix towards the end of 2013 if all goes according to plan.

One of the highs of 2012, for everyone probably, has been the London Olympics. What a wonderful year for sport in general, but for British Dressage it has been spectacular! It’s been an amazing boost for our sport and when I say what I do, people now smile in recognition and say ‘yes, the dancing horses’!

We continue with our rescue work, this year we have rescued 4 ponies from a life of misery. They were all underweight and seriously neglected and are now blossoming, thanks to the help and support given by my many friends and long suffering family! Our hedgehog colony grows year by year, currently in residence in the kitchen is Mr. Pickles, Joe, my spaniel, found him earlier in the year and brought him into the kitchen! He was seriously underweight, weighing just 320 grams (they need to be around 450 grams to survive winter hibernation) he now weighs 425 grams, but he’ll stay with us for the winter and then we’ll release him into the garden along with the other 6 we released into the garden earlier this year!

Happy Christmas and a very happy new year to all my friends, colleagues and clients.