Well…..it’s been an interesting week again!

I had a fabulous session with Stephen Clarke up at Yorkshire Dressage last Saturday; we won’t talk about the ‘gate incident’!  That lorry is just too long; it’s not meant to go through gaps like that, such a pity I didn’t realise that before I tried to go through it!

Steph Cooper came up on Tuesday and gave me a good grilling, which we needed after a disappointing 5th in the PSG at Elm’s Farm last Sunday.

We’ve had a quieter day today with Vale View’s competition cancelled due to the heavy rain.  I’m hoping all goes well tomorrow and we’re not flooded out when “Your Horse Magazine” comes.  They’re doing another article on coaching which I’ll tell you all about in my next blog.

This weekend it’s off to Hartpury for the Dressage Convention.  Carl Hester’s taking it, so it should be brilliant!

Client’s News

Jennifer, one of my clients from Leeds had driven down for her usual weekly lesson in her horsebox with her two lovely horses on board, only to find that she’d had a tyre blow on the A1.  No problem, Jennifer notified the Equine Recovery Service and their response was impressive, they were with us within 20 minutes (or at least, Kingsway Tyres were).  However, there had been some damage done to the mudguard, which was wedged up into the wheel arch, there was a strong possibility that the repaired tyre would be damaged again on the way back home.  So, Jennifer’s two horses moved in for the day and after a phone call to a friend who repairs lorries – Frank got it fixed and Jennifer was on her way again.  We had Jennifer’s sessions scheduled in for a really early start, as I was really busy last Thursday, so poor Jennifer had left Leeds at 4.30 am, that morning, had had her ridden sessions at 7.30 and finally got under way again from here at 2pm…a long day!  That’s dedication for you!

Tracey O’Connar had a super result at Tickhill Riding Club at the Northern Racing College on the 11th of November in the  1A with her lovely horse Thyme and came 2nd in the league.  Huge congratulations to Tracey who is such a lovely, quiet rider, this was a well deserved placing and I hope Tracey’s confidence grows as she has lots of natural ability.

Georgina Bird had a super result at Epworth with her beautiful boy, Paddy, in his first test, he’s now going brilliantly after a few loading issues.  Paddy, a 16.3 KWPN is a very talented horse with oodles of potential….watch this space.

Toots is back today after surgery at the AHT, fingers crossed for ~Moira and Toots.  Moira has been so patient after so many set backs, let’s hope 2013 brings her some better luck. and we see her and Toots out and about enjoying life together.

Finally get better soon to Julie Frizzell, whose had her wrist operation this week, I’m sure it wont hold her back for long!!