Looking back on 2012 at College Farm.

Like everyone else we’ve had highs and lows in 2012. It’s been a fairly peaceful year and despite a few calamities, it’s been a very successful one! Markham Sultan (Pedro) and I have had a successful year competing at Prix St George, with lots if 1sts and a nice 3rd in the recent International Premier League show. We’re hoping to progress to Grand Prix towards the end of 2013 if all goes according to plan.

One of the highs of 2012, for everyone probably, has been the London Olympics. What a wonderful year for sport in general, but for British Dressage it has been spectacular! It’s been an amazing boost for our sport and when I say what I do, people now smile in recognition and say ‘yes, the dancing horses’!

We continue with our rescue work, this year we have rescued 4 ponies from a life of misery. They were all underweight and seriously neglected and are now blossoming, thanks to the help and support given by my many friends and long suffering family! Our hedgehog colony grows year by year, currently in residence in the kitchen is Mr. Pickles, Joe, my spaniel, found him earlier in the year and brought him into the kitchen! He was seriously underweight, weighing just 320 grams (they need to be around 450 grams to survive winter hibernation) he now weighs 425 grams, but he’ll stay with us for the winter and then we’ll release him into the garden along with the other 6 we released into the garden earlier this year!

Happy Christmas and a very happy new year to all my friends, colleagues and clients.


Developing Lateral Work for the Coach & Rider

British Dressage Northern Region

Developing Lateral Work for the Coach & Rider
Jane Peberdy
Brooksby College, Brooksby, Melton Mowbry, LE14 2LJ
Thursday 17th January 2013
2pm – 4:30pm

About the training:

This will be an opportunity to observe Jane coaching riders through the variety of lateral movements required in the dressage arena. From Leg Yield, Shoulder in, Travers, Half Pass and Pirouettes. Participants will gain an understanding of the aims of each movement, how they should be executed and the effect of the rider.

This will be an interactive session open to all coaches and riders alike. Read more

Watch David Hunt Train at Brampton Stables

Watch David Hunt train at Brampton Stables in Northamptonshire, first two Mondays in December, costs £18.00 and includes lunch, invaluable for improving your coaching/training skills.

Contact Vikki on 01777 870 886 or 07860 276 578 for further details

Your Horse Magazine at College Farm

Your Horse Magazine

Your Horse magazine is here at College Farm this month to do their next article on coaching.

I’ve got lots of new exercises for you to try and helpful hints for improving your horse’s way of going, look out for them in Your Horse Magazine.








Vikki’s Update 21st November 2012

Well…..it’s been an interesting week again!

I had a fabulous session with Stephen Clarke up at Yorkshire Dressage last Saturday; we won’t talk about the ‘gate incident’!  That lorry is just too long; it’s not meant to go through gaps like that, such a pity I didn’t realise that before I tried to go through it!

Steph Cooper came up on Tuesday and gave me a good grilling, which we needed after a disappointing 5th in the PSG at Elm’s Farm last Sunday.

We’ve had a quieter day today with Vale View’s competition cancelled due to the heavy rain.  I’m hoping all goes well tomorrow and we’re not flooded out when “Your Horse Magazine” comes.  They’re doing another article on coaching which I’ll tell you all about in my next blog.

This weekend it’s off to Hartpury for the Dressage Convention.  Carl Hester’s taking it, so it should be brilliant!

Client’s News

Jennifer, one of my clients from Leeds had driven down for her usual weekly lesson in her horsebox with her two lovely horses on board, only to find that she’d had a tyre blow on the A1.  No problem, Jennifer notified the Equine Recovery Service and their response was impressive, they were with us within 20 minutes (or at least, Kingsway Tyres were).  However, there had been some damage done to the mudguard, which was wedged up into the wheel arch, there was a strong possibility that the repaired tyre would be damaged again on the way back home.  So, Jennifer’s two horses moved in for the day and after a phone call to a friend who repairs lorries – Frank got it fixed and Jennifer was on her way again.  We had Jennifer’s sessions scheduled in for a really early start, as I was really busy last Thursday, so poor Jennifer had left Leeds at 4.30 am, that morning, had had her ridden sessions at 7.30 and finally got under way again from here at 2pm…a long day!  That’s dedication for you!

Tracey O’Connar had a super result at Tickhill Riding Club at the Northern Racing College on the 11th of November in the  1A with her lovely horse Thyme and came 2nd in the league.  Huge congratulations to Tracey who is such a lovely, quiet rider, this was a well deserved placing and I hope Tracey’s confidence grows as she has lots of natural ability.

Georgina Bird had a super result at Epworth with her beautiful boy, Paddy, in his first test, he’s now going brilliantly after a few loading issues.  Paddy, a 16.3 KWPN is a very talented horse with oodles of potential….watch this space.

Toots is back today after surgery at the AHT, fingers crossed for ~Moira and Toots.  Moira has been so patient after so many set backs, let’s hope 2013 brings her some better luck. and we see her and Toots out and about enjoying life together.

Finally get better soon to Julie Frizzell, whose had her wrist operation this week, I’m sure it wont hold her back for long!!

Vikki’s Update 9th November 2012

Well it’s been another busy week, we are updating our web site, so there’s been quite a lot of work involved in providing Carl, our web site manager, with information.

We had our first airing of the PSG Freestyle at Bishop Burton last Sunday and had a good score despite the pirouettes being a bit large! We now have half of our qualification for Hartpury, I was hoping that we’d get another outing this afternoon at the Vale View Premier League Show, however, anyone in my area would know that every route South was blocked this afternoon! It took me 20 minutes just to get into Tuxford!! I’m not sure what caused all the chaos on the roads today, but what a mess! Even the Walesby road was blocked this afternoon due to an accident – incredible!

We had a nice 3rd in the advanced 100 at the Premier League show at Vale View yesterday and tomorrow we are off for a session with Stephen Clarke. Then Pedro has a couple of days off to recover.

Next week is another action packed week! I have a Safeguarding Children Workshop to deliver, a British Eventing Training day, a British dressage regional reps meeting at Stoneleigh, as well as all my lessons to fit in and horses to school.

We welcome a new resident this week, Liz has finally found herself a wonderful partner in Rikki. Rikki has been a para rider’s horse and has been with a friend of mine after the very tragic and sudden death of his owner. He is a wonderful horse and has settled in, it’s been a sad story, but Liz will take very good care of him and it’s a match made in heaven.

Other news this week……..Emma and Amelia’s sister has been in Horse and Hound page 86, Caroline Simmers was competing on Knockleith Eureka at Ladyleys in Scotland and got a fantastic score of 75.4% in the Novice 34. They certainly are a talented family!

Vikki’s Update 24th October 2012

Weekly update, what’s been going on at College Farm?…

Teddy’s had tack on and walked round the arena in it, he didn’t much care for having the bit in his mouth to begin with, but now he’s realised it’s not that scary and he’s being very sensible about it all.

Rak has come to stay for a week of intensive schooling again, it’s nice to have her back and she’s really improving and getting some super results.

Pedro (Markham Sultan) and I qualified at Sheepgate, coming 2nd in the PSG, we also came 4th at Arena UK, it was closely contested with few marks between 2nd, 3rd and 4th and we had a nice win in the advanced 100 with a good score/percentage.

We’ve also qualified for the regionals at Advanced Medium, we managed to qualify just before going out of advanced medium points, although it was a bit too close for comfort!

Helen and I had a fabulous day out with our horses last Saturday, we went to Brooksby and with the help of Julie Garrety and Steph Croxley, put together a freestyle test. Helen and Leon

(Leonardo V1) have a fabulous routine to ride at novice and Pedro and I have our debut at Bishop Burton on November 4th with our PSG freestyle. I’m not going to tell you anything more about it, its top secret!!

 Vikki’s Clients

Congratulations to Mandy Denley and Binks (official name Zhowbink) who qualified for Hartpury at the Pet Plan Festivals at Field House. They were 2nd overall in the prelim 19 class, scoring 72.27% with Andrea Smith and 71.36% with Nikki Herbert, meaning they got a Combined Score of 71.82% (72.95% was the winning score) and there were 40 competitors! So well done to the pair of them.

Gemma Smith qualified for the Winter regionals with Dylan at elementary, a super achievement and very deserved.

Plus Julie Frizzell and Stan competed at Sheepgate and won the medium freestyle and therefore have their ticket to compete at the Pet Plan finals at Hartpury.

Our NVQ students successfully completed several assessments this week, Katie McMahon, Jenny Gladman, Liz Nair, Karen Dodwell and Tracey, there are lots of photographs on Facebook, check them out.

It’s getting busier and busier as the week goes on, I’m teaching at home on Thursday, Friday and Sunday this week, if anyone needs any help, just let me know. I’m judging on Saturday at Vale View, a nice early start with my first rider down the centre line at 8.30 prompt!!

Time to sign off now I’m afraid……I have ghosts and ghouls to make, pumpkins to carve, several reports to write and Pedro to get ready for a demonstration at Uttoxeter next Monday.

More next week… Look out for Vikki’s blog on Facebook and on my web site


Vikki’s Update 9th October 2012

What’s been happening this week at College Farm?

Well, we have been joined by a new member of staff called Emily McMunn, Emily has lots of experience with horses and has joined us on a part time basis. We also have Jenny back to continue her training, it’s great to have her back and I’m sure you’ll make them both feel welcome when you see them at the yard.

Teddy’s had a haircut and looks beautiful. He’s had his mane pulled and his tail trimmed and he’s looking super. He’s going to have a saddle and bridle on this week, which I’m sure he’ll accept happily and calmly. We’d like to have him backed and under saddle by Christmas and we’ll update you with his progress on a regular basis.

Finally, Pedro (Markham Sultan) and I had a super result last Wednesday at Arena UK, he had a super result, scoring just over 65% and then we went on to get just over 65% in the Advanced at Sheepgate Area Festivals last weekend and then 63.68% in the PSG with strong competition, two judges and 8 others in the class, we managed to get 2nd in the PSG championship, a very costly two mistakes where I forgot my test, cost us first place!

Lessons are as normal this week with NVQ and BHS training on Tuesday and Thursday. On Wednesday I’ll be at Elm’s farm for the dressage classes, on Thursday I’ll be in Derby teaching and in the Chesterfield area on Friday. On Saturday it’s the Regional Dressage Judges’s Seminar and then its off to Vale View on Sunday for the PSG class, which I’ll be hoping to have learnt more thoroughly by then!!! Lessons will be going on as normal at the farm with Amelia on Saturday and Gill on Sunday.

Nottingham Trent University students are back! Their training starts again next week after we’ve selected the teams.

If anyone wants to join in on any of the training sessions or lessons, or if I’m in your area and you’d like a lesson, just let me know via the usual routes. If you want to ring me and don’t want to leave a message, remember you can always send me a text.

More next week, look out for our weekly blog!