Inter County Team Competition 2015 Incorporating the BD Northern BYRDS Regional Championships To be held on Saturday 4th April 2015 At Richmond EC, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL10 7PL

Class Test Entry Fee
Class 1 P7 Warm Up £12
Class 2 N23 Warm Up £12
Class 3 E40 Warm Up £12
Class 4 M69 Warm Up £12
Class 5 P13 Team £15
Class 6 N38 Team £15
Class 7 E57 Team £15
Class 8 M75 Team £15
Class 9 BYRDS Rider Test(*) £15
(*) Fledgling, C Squad, B Squad test 2, A Squad test 3


Rosettes & prizes will be awarded to the winning teams and individual championships.

There will be a prize for the highest placed Junior Riders (under 16 years) and the highest placed veteran rider (over 50 years) in the team tests (classes 5-8)

Conditions of Entry:

Prelim Riders & Horses must be Associate Members of British Dressage (which is free of charge). All other riders, horse & ponies must be full members of British Dressage.

Riders to represent the county which they reside in as per their postal address as per their BD Membership, not where their horse or work is located.

Riders must be eligible to compete in accordance with BD rules in the correct rider group/level as at the date of close on entries. As shown in the table below:

Class Rider Horse
Preliminary Group 8-7 No More than 49 Points
Novice Group 8-3 No More than 124 Points
Elementary Group 8-3 No More than 199 Points
Medium Group 8-3 No More than 299 Points

Team Make-up:

Teams are invited from the following counties;

Derbyshire, Durham, East Riding of Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, North Yorkshire, Northumberland, Rutland, South Yorkshire, Tyne & Wear & West Yorkshire.

Each county can enter a maximum x 3 teams of 4 riders.

Each team must consist of no more than two riders in a team riding the same level of tests. Individual Championships at each level – Prelim, Novice, Elementary and Medium.

All teams can contain BYRDS, Para’s and Senior’s riders.

Team Championship Scoring:

Team Competition to be decided on 3 highest scores each day combined (three scores to count, with the lowest % dropped).

The team with the highest combined % will be declared the Inter County Champions!
If a team member drops out then teams can compete with a reserve rider.

Individual Championship

To be eligible for the Individual Championships at each level combinations must entre both the warm up & team test (at the same level). The combination with the highest overall combine % will be the winner.

BYRDS Regional Championships:

There will be individual championships at Fledgling, C squad, B squad and A squad. The combination with the highest score at each Squad will be declared the Champion.

*Scores can be used towards selection for the BYRDS Inter Regional Team Competition 2015.

General Entry Information:

Entries must be submitted on the official entry form supplied.

ALL 4 riders details and payments must be sent together to be accepted, with either a cheque for all 4 or 4 separate cheques.

Entries will be accepted on a 1st come 1st served basis, as per post mark.

A waiting list will be held, if there is any availability for further teams to be added this will be done after close of entries.

Only rider’s competing in the team competition can enter, No individuals.
No refunds after times issued 1st April on


Cheques made payable to: BRITISH DRESSAGE Riders may request to pay by PayPal, please contact