When I’m fit and well I’m a nosey sort of chap, my head’s always over the door and I can’t help but poke my nose into visitors and their pockets.
I’m so alert; my ears are pricked with big bright eyes free of discharge and never sticky or gloopy, but sometimes a little runny if I’ve been standing out in the wind.

I’m just about the right weight for my size. I have a good covering of flesh without being fat, which is really important if I’m to stay healthy.
My skin is supple and smooth, and when mum strokes me little ripples appear across me.
My coat gleams and shines – that is until I find a nice mucky puddle to have a good roll in!

I’m standing quite happily balanced on all 4 legs, but i do enjoy resting a back leg sometimes – usually pre-snooze, but never a foreleg.
My legs are always at their best when they are cool, free from heat, pain and swelling. That way mum knows that I’m sound, taking even and free stepa.
I have my feet checked over every morning and evening, to ensure that the hoof walls are cool – no hot spots or excessive cracks, and they’re always trimmed regularly.
My frogs are clean and dry without being wiffy or any black discharge.

I look forward to breakfast, i love my food and clear my bowl straight away, although my pal next door is really slow to finish his, but for him that’s normal as we’re all different.

I generally enjoy a poo after breakfast, when I’m stabled and munching hay my poo is yellow – brown, but after a munch on some grass it goes a dark green – brown, bizarre I know but mum tells me that’s normal.

I pass water around 4-6 times a day passing 5-15 litres in total.
I generally wait until I’m over deep bedding or a spot of lush grass as I’m not keen on it splashing back up at me.

My optimum temperature is 38’c
My pulse should be between 25-42 beats per minute unless that sexy filly from across the yard walks past and then it races!
My breathing races too but should be between 8-16 breaths per minute.

We are obviously all different and it’s important that the people who handle us on a regular basis get to know our own individual traits and habits.
For example the mare over the yard from me does pull some funny faces – ears back and all sorts! But apparently that’s normal for her.