Comments From Recent DVD Evening

Here are a few comments from the recent DVD evening:-

Marie-Ann from Richmond EC in North Yorkshire wrote

“Hi Vikki

Thank you for the informative evening last night. Please pass my thanks on to Cherry too. It surely gave me food for thought!

Looking in my diary I may struggle with the next one but will try to swap things round as it will be worth it.

Marie-Anne BD Member”

and Catherine Ellis emailed to say…….

“Dear Vikki

Many thanks for tonight’s DVD training session. It was really useful and informative.”

Why don’t you come and join us at the next one on Tuesday, September 9th 7.00 – 9.00 pm, email me or Nicky Sanderson to reserve your place.

August Update

Congratulations to Katie Mcmahon who has now passed her Level 2 – including her maths – and is now fully qualified. WELL DONE KATIE WE ALWAYS HAD FAITH IN YOU XX

Congratulations also to Sophie Miller who has passed her maths this week, welcome back Jenny Gladman, who is training for her level 3, it’s great to have you back Jenny.

A very special congratulations to Racheal Piert and Jerry. Special because one year ago Jerry was diagnosed with Bone Spavin and we thought that was going to be the last of his competition days, but Jerry has always been special (in every sense of the word!) and thanks to Racheal’s expert care, they are not only training again, but this weekend they managed to get their first elementary regional qualifying test score under their belt, with a very creditable 65.20%, well done to you Racheal and the ever so special, very spotty one!!

Also, congratulations to Racheal Butler, who qualified for the UK Rider Finals and got 7th in a massive prelim class and then 3rd in the novice. Wow! Brilliant work, well done to you.

Liz Nair had a cracking lesson with Rikki, who was on form again and Liz Burrows enjoyed a super ride on our own Peaches, who’s proving to be quite the dressage diva. Great to have you back Liz.

Penny and her own mare also called Peaches, continue to make super progress, they did their first Hunt Ride (South Notts) whilst I was away on holiday, on the whole I gather she was a star, so well done Penny. Helen Turkdogan and Leon have really made progress and I wish them every success in their next competition, watch this space, they should do well. Moira and Toots are zooming ahead and Julie and Stan are having a well-earned rest.

We welcome Melanie Shuttleworth and her family to the yard, Melanie has just places her two boys Max and George with us and we really look forward to working with them. Anji, my good friend from East Markham is bring her boy down today for Boot Camp, he’ll stay here for a couple of weeks and then back for a couple of weeks, then as and when for fine tuning!

Well done to all my clients, many of whom haven’t been mentioned, who continue to work with me and continue to do me proud with their achievements.

Happy Birthday for next weekend to Helen Turkdogan and to Kirsty Murray. Have a very happy birthday both if you and Kirsty have a great time in Corfu, I know you will, as they’re a great bunch where you’re going.

What’s been happening at College Farm Equestrian Center

Pedro (Markham Sultan) and I have been out having fun, due to a change in the rules, we were given an extra 20 points at Advanced Medium, and we lost them in three outings but did qualify for the Regionals in the process. We are now 2 points off qualifying for the PSG regionals, with another 2nd and 63.4% in a class of 10 at Vale View last Sunday.

We had record numbers for the BYRDS training which was held here last Saturday and the Have a Go Day at Epworth on Saturday is oversubscribed with a waiting list.

We’ve got the BYRDS Squadding day on Monday, which again is packed! So, everything is looking very positive.

The Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Specialist Rescue Teams have been down for training and we’re hosting a training day for all the Specialist Rescue Teams, when they’ll be bringing the Specialist Rescue Unit, which carries over 650 pieces of equipment. There are only two of these units in the country and one of them is based in Tuxford. We will also have the Rapid Response Unit here. They will be staging a mock rescue of a rider who is trapped under their horse, (a plastic model one) in a drainage ditch. Watch this space for a full write up later on in May.

We had a camera crew here again today. Your horse Magazine have done two features so far this year, one on a 20 minute work out programme and the other today, which was alerting riders to the difficulties faced by partially sighted or blind riders. Make sure you get your copy ordered, it was an interesting session.

Rider News

We’ve had lots of super competition results from clients in the last few months. Julie Frizzell and Stan in particular have shot to stardom… is Julie’s latest text………..Vikki, sit down…. We’re at Patchetts for the stoneleigh KBIS qualifier… And the little man has gone and won it!
It was a strong class with it being the National Para Championships, so fingers crossed for selection for the Para Championship Team. Earlier in the year in March, Stan won the British Dressage Restricted Championship at Vale View Festival of Para Dressage Grade IV Champion 2014 and 2nd in class of 15 in the warm up class.
In April Stan and Julie were 3rd in the Grade IV Championship behind paralympian Sophie Wells and team GBR MEMBER Tamsin Addison at the Nirvana Spa Para Dressage Championships ((Open) at Hartpury. They then went on to win the Medium Open Freestyle with 69%, qualifying for the BD Regional Championships 2015.

Rachael and Jerry (The Spotty One) are back out competing again and they won the BE95 last Sunday.

Beth and Tracy have had a super season so far and Beth got a whopping 69% in her prelim 7 last week.Tracy won the prelim at Selina’s at Milton with 67%

Grace Johnston and Albert got 70 and 72% at Witham Villa after the BYRDS training last weekend.

Sue Markin has had some super results with her lovely mare Zita at Milton EC.

Karen Dodsworth and Disney got a whopping 70.42% at Elm’s Farm.

Finally congratulations to Rachael Butler who was 6th in the Equestrian Life Championships on 5th April with 75.5%.

Well done, I’m really proud of you all. Some terrific results!

Training Information and Events

Quite a few snippets on training and events noted below:-

BYRDS Rider Test Preparation Training

College Farm EC, West Markham, Tuxford, Newark, NG22 0GT
45 minute private lesson – BD Members £45, Associate & Non Members £54
45 Minutes semi – private lessons BD Members £22, Associate & Non Members £26
(You must have a partner when booking a semi-private lesson)
Lessons will take place on the following dates:
Sat 1st Feb, Sun 23rd March, Sat 6th Sept & Sun 19th Oct

View the poster BYRDS_college_farm_EC_lessons_booking_form

British Dressage Petplan Equine Area Festivals

View further details british_dressage_petplan_equine_area_festivals

Coaching the Dressage Rider and Horse
Tuesday 1st April 2014
Moody Dressage, Far Broad Oak, Gunthwaite, Penistone, SHEFFIELD S36 7GE

Further details David Hunt Moodys 1st Apr-2

British Dressage Notice to Members Rule 82

Read More entering_the_arena

Affiliated Prelim Classes Explained

Read More prelim_classes_explained

Summer and Winter Regional Championships

Read More regionals

The Sheepgate Under 25’s National Championships

Read More sheepgate_under_25

Vikki’s Blog 6th September 2013

Gosh it’s going to be a lengthy blog as I’ve so much to tell you all.

130906_beachWe are currently winging our way up to Scotland, a mixed party, Les and I, two dogs and 1 Swift! Becky brought us the Swift 2 weeks ago, it looked very sorry for itself and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was wrong with it, but it’s head looked like one of those nodding dogs in the back of a car! After a few days, it didn’t look much better, its head had gone like an owl, only permanently looking backwards, not good. On a hunch I suggested we try it on antibiotics and a wormer, much to everyone’s amusement at Brodies, we picked up the meds and started it on its course. Anyway, it’s thriving and now mostly looks ahead and is staying fairly straight. The outcome is that we have a Swift to feed every few hours, so it’s had to come with us. It was difficult enough to find a hotel that took dogs (courtesy eventually of Dog’s Digs), I haven’t dared said we have a Swift as well.

Anyway, back to the story of why we are rushing up to Scotland… My gorgeous, beautiful lorry which has served me so dutifully for many years has eventually been sold.

Its been very emotional saying goodbye, but they’ve promised to love and treasure her and they are an eventing family and the father is a vet, so I think she’ll have a happy home. As I am now lorry less, we have been trawling the Internet and of course the two lorries we like are at opposite ends of the country, so we are hoofing it up to Scotland first of all to look at a very smart Iveco, 7.5 ton. I will need to be very careful not to get caught speeding – no more 40 miles an hour on A roads and no limiter, steady on!!

We’re just passing the Angel of the North, only another 200 miles…

130906_donkeysIt’s been very eventful summer at the farm with wildlife, Joe’s been bringing me a hedgehog every night, not always the same one, they love the food I’ve got them, though each to their own, it smells frightful. We have lots of baby frogs and toads in the garden and Katie brought me a wonderful one eyed toad yesterday!

By the time this goes to print, the baby Barn Owl will have fledged, it’s the first that’s been born in our nesting box and you’ll see from the photo he’s a beauty. The Nottinghamshire wildlife trust man came to ring him last Wednesday and we’ve only had 14 recorded born in Nottinghamshire this year.

We had another Swift in with us for 3 weeks earlier in the year, happy days, we were able to release him, a lovely sight to see him soaring overhead, fully restored and healthy, as we shouted our goodbyes and good luck messages, he was soon joined by half a dozen others and they continued to soar round us overhead for about 20 minutes, with their piercing calls filling the air.



We’re celebrating my nephew Luke getting married at the end of the month in France. It’s in a beautiful chateau and we’re really looking forward to it. Jenny will be on duty while we’re gone, hopefully there’ll only be the dogs, the canaries, the horses, the cats, chickens, fish hmm I guess she’ll be busy!




Student Progress

130906_rosettesKatie McMahon

Another result! Katie passed her Health and Safety exam.

Julie Frizzell and Stan

For the Para Equestrian Open Winter Championships at Hartpury places are limited. Therefore, Julie and Stan did fantastically well when in their first Northern region para test at Bishop Burton, they were placed 1st in their first test and 3rd with 62.9% in harder, second test. Terrific results Julie as now playing with the big boys!

Tracy O’Connar

Major spook on 1st test cost them dearly, but they still gained a creditable 4th place with 64.4%. Won the second test with 73.04%.

Last weekend, another win!! Then second, again, really good scores! Tracey’s on a roll….. Whoop whoop!

Sue Fynney and Higgins

She’s just done her first intro a test and got 63.91 and came 4th.

Anne Marie Smith with Ozzie

Ozzie’s first test 69.1% Anne Marie happy, happy, happy!

Georgina Bird

Georgina’s test results over the last few weeks. 11/08 elms farm, Chris Pappa 68.33 2nd prelim 14. 11/08 elms farm, Julie Corrigan 68.33 1st prelim 13. 24/08 Prof equine Ruby Wetherall 67.9 3rd novice 28. 24/08 prof equine judge not sure 69.5 5th prelim 7. This weekend we didn’t do brilliantly but were placed in each test. Georgina is going to send you the videos as we didn’t think that her tests were that bad. 31/8 Royal London prelim 12 Susan bullock 66 4th. Prelim 13 Ann brown 65.8 final qualifier 8th out of 22 and the final prelim 18 Sharon Marshall 66.2 7th out of 18.

Mandy Denley and Binks……..

Continue to do well and are doing lots of hard work prior to the Nationals Championships in September at Stoneleigh. We wish them every success.

Jennifer Baker

Achieved her Stage 4… WHAT A RESULT!! Well done Jennifer, you should be feeling very, very proud of yourself.

Isla Oprych

Isla passed her BHS Stage 3, again huge congratulations, a fabulous result.

Karen Dodwell

P14 67.50 N28…62.92!! Our 1st 2 BD points! 1.9.13

Helen Turkdogen and Leon

63% (2nd) and 68% (1st). Four eights in test 2

Katie Lovell

Hi Vikki, appears you have worked a minor miracle – Katie and Blue in equal first after dressage at Richmond on 28.5! One down in sj to finish 4th – over the moon. Thank you so much.

Watch out for future blogs including; judging in Jersey, Assessing in Scotland for British Dressage Scotland, Judging the BYRDS under 25’s Championships at Sheepgate and lots, lots more.

Have A Go Day – 26th October 2013

Brooksby College Equestrian Centre – 26th October 2013
Brooksby, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, LE14 2LJ

Poster – Have a Go Day – 26th October 2013

Are you competing in Unaffiliated Dressage?
Have you thought you might like to join British Dressage (BD)?
Do you want to receive training from a dedicated coach?
Would you like feedback on your test riding and tips on how to improve your marks & confidence from a trained BD judge?
Would you like to know more about BD and what’s on offer to our members?
If you answered “YES” to any of the above then this day is for YOU!
Open to all levels of riders, horse & ponies

The Day Will Consist of:-

  • Test Riding Practice – with a British Dressage Listed Judge who will give you tips and advice
  • A talk on how to get started with British Dressage, opportunities for members and how to get involved with BD Northern
  • A Chance to meet other riders wanting to make that step into Affiliated Competitions
  • Ride at BD competition venues and meet some of the BD Northern organisers and staff
  • A goody bag, rosette, certificate, training voucher, discounts & Lots more!
  • A great membership offer ONLY available for those who take part in the Have a Go Days

To book a place please complete application form [click here to download] and send with full payment, Cheques made payable to British Dressage,
Please send a cheque to:
Sarah Huntridge
PO BOX 783, Harrogate HG1 9RR
To send Sarah an email – Click Here
Phone: 01765 676373