Our Mares…

Most of our horses who got to advanced have been mares!

We’ve loved them as a family and they’ve done us proud, in many cases representing Great Britain in both Eventing and Dressage; Patti, hunting legend!

Markham Remember Me, Markham Xannaria (represented Great Britain in the Europeans) also a talented show jumper, Aces High, a wonderful mum too, Markham Seahouses (Pippa) regretfully sold to America, Ibble Dibble, Welton Katrina and Rise n Shine alias Muppet, who held her position as top event mare for years and Markham Spice, another of our advanced British team horses, originally backed and produced by the late Caroline Pratt.

Other mares have been Julie who was adored by Matt and absolutely wonderful, sadly lost to cancer very early on. We also had some wonderful school ponies… Bunty, Bluebell, Shandy, they were fantastic at their job and taught hundreds of children and people to ride!

I’m sure I’ve missed some out!

We have 2 new girls on the block! Leona, Harry’s little mare and I love my new little mare, Markham Winter, complicated but already part of the family.

Mares are like stallions, you need to treat them with respect, fairness and kindness and you will reap the benefits.

Intensive Training

Ready for some intensive training?

Have you thought about taking an intensive dressage course?

Come and stay at the farm, arrival on Day 1 with 2 ridden sessions (1st is a general assessment, session 2 working on identified areas for development) and 1 feedback session to include your aims and goal setting plus feedback from the sessions; strengths and weaker areas to work on at home with helpful exercises given, followed by dinner.

Day 2, 2 ridden sessions; 1st session working on areas identified in the feedback session, 2nd session test riding plus feedback.

The price includes stabling, bedding, hay and water, plus hook up for a comfortable stay in your lorry or trailer.

Price £245.00

Deborah Smith said

If you want to have some focused, intensive dressage training, then a 2- day ‘individual camp’ with Vikki is hard to beat.

With two under my belt now and a third in the diary, I can really recommend them.

Vikki is a hugely experienced rider and coach. Oh, and a judge as well. She has a rare talent for coaching you as a rider, and you and your horse as a partnership- all at the same time!

After a general assessment and discussion about your goals for the two days, the sessions are tailored and productive. With two horses, both very different, I have come away with a much clearer idea of how to ride each to progress and develop.

The whole atmosphere at College Farm is friendly and welcoming. The facilities are super, and everything is on hand.

There is plenty of time to get ready and ask questions and then the sessions are very focused so you get results very quickly and take away lots of tips to recreate the progress at home.

As someone who already has excellent regular weekly lessons back home, going to College Farm builds on that and offers a different perspective, and an opportunity to focus on a small number of techniques to help raise your game in a supportive and positive environment.